Tamil Genocide Memorial Appreciates the Government Support for the Tamil Community Center

December 11, 2021 — July 16, 2021

Tamil Genocide Memorial Appreciates the Government Support for the Tamil Community Center

Canadian Tamils have proudly called Canada home since 1960, coming from various parts of South and East Asia, including Sri Lanka, India, Singapore, and Malaysia, with their numbers, dramatically growing between the late 80s and early 2000s due to the genocidal war in Sri Lanka. A community town hall was held in March 2019, which was supported by representatives from municipal, provincial and federal governments, diverse community members, and a variety of organizations designed to serve community needs.

In 2019, Tamil Genocide Memorial pledged 100 thousand dollars towards support for this center with a proposal of having a Tamil Genocide Museum in the facility. During the survey conducted by the steering committee, the “History and Archival Space / Genocide Museum” was ranked as the 4th most important priority on the site. We believe a Genocide museum and archive space in the facility will educate future generations about Tamil Eelam. 

We are looking forward to the construction of the Tamil Center. Tamil Genocide Memorial (TGM) appreciates the financial support our federal, provincial, and municipal governments have given to the Tamil Community Center in Toronto. 

We urge Tamil Canadian friends to support the Tamil Genocide Museum in the facility. You can also help the Tamil Genocide Memorial to raise the pledged fund. 

Presently, TGM works on collecting and archiving digital artifacts of Sri Lanka’s Genocide against Tamils. We are very fortunate to have this support from our government in order to help construct the center and allow the Canadian Tamil community to develop a community hub.

Thank you.

Tamil Genocide Memorial



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