Tamil Americans urge Asst. Sec. Donald Lu to make human rights central theme in his visit to Sri Lanka

March 16, 2022: Influential Tamil American Organizations made a collective request to the Assistant Secretary of State for South & Central Asia Mr.Donald Lu to bring up the human rights record of the Sri Lankan government in his upcoming visit to Sri Lanka. Tamil American United PAC joined in this effort and ensured that the American government, especially the Biden Administration is aware of the “Common Principles” that all these organizations are proposing as a long-term political solution to the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka. This gains added significance in light of the economic crisis that Sri Lanka faces as a result of its decades-long genocidal war against Tamils and the larger defense budget it still maintains to this day.

The common principles request that there is a call for an “Internationally sponsored Referendum” for the Tamil People; International “Protection Mechanism” in the North-East; Repeal of the Sixth Amendment to the Sri Lankan Constitution enabling expressions of self-determination by the Tamil People; and, referral of Sri Lanka to the ICC, ICJ, and other international jurisdictions for the prosecution of “Atrocity Crimes”.

Please see attached full text of this letter.