Tamil Genocide Memorial (TGM) Launches a Digital Archiving Social Platform to Preserve the History of Tamil Eelam

TGM completed the platform project in 2022 to allow archivists and Tamil activists to share and preserve the digital artifacts of Tamil Eelam &Tamil Genocide.


OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA, December 9, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Tamil Genocide Memorial (TGM) released a statement: “A digital archive and social platform TamilGenocide.com/te are now open for archivists to document and preserve Tamil Eelam and Tamil Genocide artifacts. TGM welcomes archivists and Tamil activists to this digital platform at https://tamilgenocide.com. Since major social media such as FaceBook and YouTube unfairly removed Tamil Eelam-related content, TGM started the platform project in 2020 to allow archivists and Tamil activists to share and preserve the digital artifacts of Tamil Eelam. The work was completed in 2022. A resilient community that survived Sri Lanka’s genocide against Tamils, the Tamil diaspora should preserve the Tamil Eelam and Tamil Genocide artifacts for the long term in digital and physical form. The TGM archiving and the social platform allow the archivists and Tamil activists to upload their documents to share and preserve them for the future”

By May 18, 2009, the Tamil nation lost its functioning Tamil Eelam government, which was built based on the Eelam Tamil people’s democratic mandate. A long history of Sri Lanka’s genocide against Tamils includes more than 150 massacres and invasions carried out against the Tamil civilians from 1948 to the present by successive Sri Lankan governments. The lack of UN and International Non-Government Organizations’ evidence collection regarding the Tamil genocide in Tamil Eelam has undermined Tamil justice efforts in a systematic manner. Since 2009, Tamil Diaspora has been calling for a trial like Nuremberg to prosecute prominent members of the political, military, judicial, and economic leadership of the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) for crimes of genocide. To this day, there is no precise death count or justice, instead denial of genocide and removal of evidence.

Most of the Tamil identities, values, artifacts, monuments, and Tamil heroes’ cemeteries were destroyed by genocidal Sri Lanka in the past decade. The Tamil diaspora has a duty to preserve the memories of Eelam Tamils as widely used social media such as Facebook continuously ban Tamils from sharing their history.

A user account can be created by visiting https://tamilgenocide.com/register/. Once their email gets verified, the user can access the platform and use it to post Tamil Genocide and Tamil Eelam-related content. To contribute historical documents, videos, or images and organize them for future users, the account holder needs to request a privileged account at info@tamilgenocide.com. Even though the platform may be an alternative social network, TGM wanted the content to be Tamil cause-related due to maintenance and data duplication for long-term archiving.

TGM plans to create interactive touchscreen panels that can be placed at museums and heritage places around the world. They intend to propose that those panels be placed at the upcoming Tamil Community Center in Toronto. The 4 digital interactive displays that TGM plans to design and develop in the near future can be found at the following link: https://tamilgenocide.com/news/press-releases/tgm-interactive-touch-screen-panels/

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