Ottawa Tamil Association’s eighth annual Fall Fundraiser to support Tamil Eelam Humanitarian Assistance Fund(TEHAF)

The TEHAF pilot project paves a way for sustainable support for humanitarian efforts for those affected by Sri Lanka’s genocide against the Tamils.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, December 8, 2022 / — Ottawa Tamil Association (OTA) released a statement: “The eighth annual fall fundraising proceeds will be provided to TEHAF (Tamil Eelam Humanitarian Assistance Fund) pilot project in 2023. The TEHAF pilot project paves a way for sustainable support for humanitarian efforts in the future. Many were affected by Sri Lanka’s genocide against the Tamils and are still going through severe hardship. Every year, OTA’s Fall Fundraising supports important humanitarian projects. In 2015, the first OTA Fall fundraising was provided to Tamil Nadu people, affected by the flooding. Since then OTA funds every year given to several humanitarian groups helping in Tamil Eelam. It helps a variety of projects such as disabled people’s well-being in Vanni to farmers in Batticaloa. During the holiday season, Tamil Canadians donate to several good causes. OTA’s Fall donation is one of the preferred ones because of OTA’s constant voice for Tamil Genocide recognition, and the need for international justice for the crimes of genocide by Sri Lanka.”


The Tamil diaspora is estimated to be more than one million people strong. They spread across the globe and have been instrumental in providing humanitarian assistance to Tamils in Tamil Eelam and seeking credible international independent justice mechanisms to investigate mass atrocities, in particular genocide, committed against Tamils by the Sri Lankan State during and after the war. Most of the Tamil diaspora are survivors of Sri Lanka’s genocide against Tamils and escaped from torture, rape, and killing by the government of Sri Lanka. The Tamil diaspora is trying to provide humanitarian support for their friends and relatives who are hardworking and self-sustaining communities. With Sri Lanka’s genocide policies and the international community’s lack of respect for Tamil Eelam sovereignty, the Tamil diaspora has been playing a major role in supporting people in Tamil Eelam.

Since 2014, Ottawa Tamil Association encourages philanthropy and makes yearly contributions to the Heart & Stroke Foundation, and local food banks as part of the Thiyagi Thileepan memorial food drive in addition to the Fall donation campaign. OTA also celebrates the rich Tamil culture during Tamil Heritage Month and provides skill development opportunities for the young generation. While constantly working for justice for Sri Lanka’s genocide against Tamils via conferences and advocacy, OTA also focuses on sustainable and efficient humanitarian efforts.

Many in the first-generation Tamil diaspora are approaching retirement age. The Tamil diaspora constantly contributed to Tamil Eelam humanitarian projects during the ongoing dispute between Tamil Eelam and Sri Lanka. In the past, the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO) undertook all of the Tamil Eelam humanitarian efforts and was praised for its work during the Tsunami disaster in 2006. Since the destruction of the Tamil Eelam government in 2009, the Tamil diaspora has only been able to contribute to small-scale humanitarian projects due to systematic hurdles placed by Sri Lanka. Presently, Tamils can’t expect a fair share of humanitarian aid from International support via Sinhala Buddhist extremist governments. Therefore, the Tamil diaspora should focus the humanitarian aid specifically targeting the Tamil population in Tamil Eelam due to genocidal policies.

There are hundreds of Tamil diaspora humanitarian efforts currently helping people in need in Tamil Eelam. Even though there is no coordination among the efforts, the small and medium-level projects do reach out to most. In 2021, the Federation of Global Tamil Organizations (FGTO) was formed. It is an emerging global network of Tamil organizations trying to support and sustain Tamil diaspora efforts in the future. The FGTO held a summit in New York in July 2022 and later announced a pilot project to complement existing humanitarian efforts that align with a long-term vision. It won’t replace any existing humanitarian work done by school alumni, village organizations, or Tamil humanitarian work, but rather complement and encourage them. Humanitarian organizations or groups can apply for funds from TEHAF via the online application for specific projects in 2023. The TEHAF committee will evaluate each project and the fund will be given to the chosen ones. Ottawa Tamil Association is a member organization of the FGTO and chose the TEHAF pilot project for the 2022 Fall donation campaign.

Ottawa Tamil Association

Ottawa Tamil Association